Coffeepreneur Program

Responding to the imminent challenge of providing work opportunities and psycho-social supports for ex juvenile offenders, in 2018 Sahabat Kapas initiated social business that engaged those youth in entrepreneurship framework. It serves two purposes: help them to improve their economic situation and support their re-entry into society by giving psycho-social support.

The program is called Gerobak Kopi ONJEL (ONJEL Coffepreneur Program). This program enrolls selected youth into internship and apprenticeship program which train them to be barista and introduce them to entrepreneurship world.There are currently three enthusiastic young men who are involved this program. Under the supervision of Sahabat Kapas management, they produce ginger syrup, coffee products and its variants and sell it to public both online and in social events. In the end of the day, we hope by persistence, hard work and endless supports from all parties these young men will finally able to stand on their own feet and make their own success story. Their journey still has a long way to go, and we believe that this program can be a fresh restart of their bright future.

Support their efforts to be young entrepreneurs. Your donation will be used 100% to support them in this Coffee Cart Program

  • Beneficiary: Yayasan Sahabat Kapas
  • Account Name: Yayasan Sahabat Kapas
  • Account No: 1380013886408
  • Bank/Branch: Bank Mandiri/Surakarta, Central Java
  • Swift code (BIC): BMRIIDJA (for transfer from other countries)

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