A Night’s Terror

Source : http://www.pdskji.org/article_det-27-stop-kekerasan-pada-anak.html
Source : http://www.pdskji.org/article_det-27-stop-kekerasan-pada-anak.html

October 21, 2014

8.0 pm

I was facing my laptop reading some articles on the internet when I heard a loud and stern voice of a man roared from my nearby vicinity. It sounded a man having a fierce fights with somebody as he muttered rough words while spoke as if he used a loudspeaker. It is past 7 pm and I tried to ignore the voice. However my heart refused to do what my brain told so. Instead of continue my reading I listened carefully to the voice. My heart beat so fast and I stood up to know more about the situation. I could assume that it was a fury of father to his son. I couldn’t help but walked out of my room just to make sure I heard it right. I forgot to wear my flip flop and realized it when I’ve gone halfway from my dorm.

I was looking around at the nearby place to detect where the voice coming from. I decided to turn left, assuming the source of the voice. Ahead of me, 10 meters away I spotted a child half running holding a plastic of drink in his hand. He was under the dark shadow of the night and I couldn’t see his face clearly. He looked at the road and suddenly ran away to a house.

A man in the late twenties appeared from the bend of the road with his hands on his hips while pointing out to the darkness. He scolded the kid and went after him. He was scary as hell. At a glance I could see that he was out of his mind. Amidst his loud scolding, he told the boy that he was “drunk” and crazy and he questioned the boy why he left him alone in the shop when he was waiting for him at the first place. My heart beat so fast and I was in the middle of walking. I tried to relax my self and passed the man. I raced to the nearby road and sat in the road lane for a while.

The man didn’t stop scolding his son with his loud voice. None of my neighbors came out to see what’s going on or just tried to calm the man off. I was worried about the kid, fearing that something bad might happen to him.

People said ignorance is a bliss. I knew the man shouting at his son was a business in his own family. I couldn’t step in when privacy matter took account so I considered to go home and let the man finished his own business. However, I couldn’t help when my feet refused to move.

Some passerby looked at the scene warily but didn’t do anything further. I was confused and numb, not knowing what exactly I should do in this situation. The man shouted again and threw something to the dark which caused a loud bang. I observed if there was any movements in the darkness but I didn’t see anything. A few seconds passed, and suddenly I could hear a soft cry from the darkness where the man threw something before. My heart stopped and I nearly collapsed.

…to be continued…

Written by Evi Baiturohmah (Sahabat Kapas volunteer).

Hunger concept

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Girl’s Sexual Abuse: A Challenge for Parents (Part I)

It was a fine midnight when I opened my laptop and searched for several updated news through online news. My tabs in Mozilla was filled by several portals like vivanews.com, kompas.com and guardian.co.uk. When I opened vivanews.com, my eyes caught up a very sensational news’ title. It entitled: Derita Bocah Korban Kekerasan, dari Kemaluan Keluar Belatung (A Children Suffer From Sexual Abuse, Maggots Found in Her Genital). What the! I was so startled finding myself read the entire article about the children’s sex abuse. What startled me the most was that maggots were found in her genital. It was so miserable. Poor girl I thought. I continued to read the related news further. I couldn’t stop swearing inward. RI (initial name) finally dead after having a three-days medical treatment in hospital in Jakarta. Later on, cops found out that the suspect who raped RI was her own father. Father who should become her guardian betrayed her cruelly.  Some mass media reported that he was sorry for his lapse. However on the other hand, the police claimed that they have to use a tricky investigation to make RI’s father confess his perverse action. His contradictory conduct causes an uproar.Many questions arise, how come a father can be that jerk? Many also state that a father can be a serious threat for a girl in a family. Consequently, the value of family is questioned. Conclusively, opinions are formed; that family’s tie could no longer warrant the children protection amid family member.

This latest time the raping cases among family members has become popular issue in society. Father rapes his own daughter, grandpa sexually abuses his own granddaughter, and many harassment cases happen within family members. The victims mostly are children notably the girls. Sexual abuse/ raping  absolutely seizes the future life of the girls. The fateful moment of their development period is completely destructed. In their “should-be” normal life, girls in their young age have to enjoy life by having a close- friend relationship, experiencing  puppet love, quarreling with other childishly and many more interesting things. Their natural innocence will make their life cheerful and colorful in its unique way. Girls in their age  also face a step when their gullibility turns into considerate maturity. It is very important to sharp their tenacity to struggle in harder circumstances. However, sexual abuse can vitiate their children’s jolly time. The rapist might say that his action is mere temporary lapse, but his deflection couldn’t change the fact that he permanently causes irreparable physical damage and long-term psychological trauma to the girls. Those trauma will terrorize along their life.


Actually government has issued an Act that strong enough to vouch the rights of the children and woman. Many NGOs also actively  participate to socialize the issue of children protection and how parents can take an important role to fight against any harassment. Not to mention that hundreds campaign including printed, visual and audio ads. also have fulfilled our public space, proving that the lack of information is not the real crux in this matter. Nevertheless, it is inevitable fact that the lack of parents’ role causes this cases remain exist. Many parents especially Moms doesn’t pay much attention to her daughter’s behavioral shift. The girls usually harbor the case under the fear of threat. The case will come up after the girl reports some symptoms frightening her due to severe pain or sign of pregnancy. Similar case repeats again and again. Granted, if there is no preventive action from the family member itself, the endeavor of the government, NGO, activist and other parties will result in vain. So what actually parents can do to overcome this problems?
(to be continued)

This article is written by:
Evi Baiturohmah