Girl’s Sexual Abuse: The Challenge for Parents (2- End)

The question of family’s role in preventing the girl’s sexual abuse is somehow ambiguous. In one extent, some problems arise from the family per se, making it as one of the long lists of threat. In other extent, family is the cure for this sexual abuse “disease”. Rather, in this case I focus on how family members, parents particularly, have a very significant impact to the girls’ development in their puberty phase.

There are serious problems caused by the denial of the sexual crimes against children notably girls. This denial and the dereliction of the family members to attend their duty more or less will leave disadvantages to the girls. Thus, parents have to pay more attention to prevent bad things to happen. As parents the responsibility of caring the children is tangible duty. Due the unstoppable crisis haunted the girls, there are several ways parents can do to keep the security and safety of their daughters.

1. Sex Education

Living in eastern- culture country, becoming ideal parents who have to explain about sex education is somehow difficult. It is a fact the sexual stuff is still taboo amid our society. However, the avoidance to discuss this topic to our children also doesn’t give any positive impact either. The remaining problem is that parents can’t find the best method to explain their children about this matter. The urgency of educating children about sex education is well- understood, however the fact that children’s nature which are curious about new things making it uneasy conduct. Parents have to acquire many literature about sex education for teenagers as well as the psychology of their daughter. Knowing what to say and who your target is are the best efforts parents can afford to convey the topic about sex towards their girl. By mastering sex education is, parents will have more confidence when they give advice, suggestion and options. No questions left hanging or bring disappointment as a result of “not- knowing.” Teens are curious, yet immature to weigh the considerable effects for their future life. Smart answers will satisfy them.
Nevertheless, psychological condition of your girl is the thing you’ve to understand the most. There is no way you can feed them with the topic while you ignore their emotional state. Parents should build intimacy in which daughter can lean on their problem. The emotional relation will ease parents to understand more about their children and vice versa. Once the intimacy is built, talking heart to heart is surely helpful to assist them facing their life. Talking about sex is no longer taboo and they will ask parents if they find something seem doesn’t fit. Parents can’t isolate their children but they can set boundaries where they and the children agree with.

2. Moral Value

As a part of society a person is bounded to the living moral system. Moreover, a person is lived with the value of the religion he/she believes in. Nurturing children is not mere protecting them from harm, but also introducing them to the norm and moral value so they can protect themselves. The protection from the parents are unquestionable needed, and likewise the self-protection. Living in this unruly world where parents can’t watch 24/7 for their girl, parents should shield their children with a strong moral value to keep them aware of the possibilities of crime against them. Sexual crimes may happen because of the unawareness of the girls in keeping their conduct. Girls should be taught how to keep their behavior to not attract the any possibilities of sexual abuse.

3. Bravery and Confidence

Many of the victims of the sexual abuse are reserved and taciturn girls. They are afraid to reject any offers from adult man or strangers. Furthermore, when they are under threat after being abused, they say nothing and keep their mouth shut so the abuser can walk leisurely without any fear to be caught.

Parents should teach their girls to be brave and have a confidence. The bravery and confidence are very essential to protect them from the crime. Girls with considerable bravery and confidence will frighten the sexual perpetrator to take any further action. They will not hesitate to reject stranger’s offer and they can easily sense a fishy conduct as well as report it to their parents. By the millions threat possibilities outside the awareness of self- protection holds an important role for girls’ safety.

This article is written by Evi Baiturohmah
Director of Media, Publication and Foreign Affair
Sahabat Kapas

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