Our Support For Providing Soap Containers and Clean Water Containers

Hello good friends, this time Sahabat Kapas collaborates with Omah Badran would like to invite all friends to emphasize the awareness of the importance of maintaining a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS). Maintaining health and hygiene is the easiest way we can do to deal with the current situation.

We invite all friends to rise from adversity. However good things which had done by many people would also bring greater good impact. As social beings who care about each other and love this life, please care each other and remind others for a better life.

Now, Omah Badran is producing independent liquid soap to support the awareness of this clean and healthy life. This liquid soap would then distributed to local residents for free. For that, good friends, we need your support to help provide the provision of liquid soap containers and clean water containers to give to residents. If you wish, please contact below. And if you care, you may also spread this message. Come help others!

Contact Dani at number 081228930833 (whatsapp).