#PawonOnjel and #GerobakOnjel Ready to Launched

Sahabat Kapas is ready with a new breakthrough. Kapas now has a new business unit called #GerobakOnjel and #PawonOnjel. #GerobakOnjel Kapas adapted the mobile coffee business model by utilizing carts. Partnering with Kayuhan Amal (Kamal), #GerobakOnjel is ready to go around and greet coffee lovers at various events in Solo and surrounding areas. In the near future, we will also officially launch #GerobakOnjel in the canteen of the ISI Surakarta Campus, Mojosongo, Surakarta.

In addition to coffee carts, we are now also in the process of pioneering #PawonOnjel. This business unit is a kitchen for food and beverage production which is marketed online and directly. For now, #PawonOnjel launches a product in the form of ginger syrup. For ginger syrup, we sell for IDR 25,000 for glass bottles (300 ml) and IDR 35,000 for small jerry cans (500 ml).

All of these business units involve post-adolescent teenagers and / or teenagers dropping out of school. They are involved as cart operators and kitchens. Uniquely, these children are not just running a business. They involved also received psycho-social assistance to support their confidence and resilience. In addition, these efforts will put the post-respiratory youth as partners. They can run a business independently (without assistance from Sahabat Kapas) when they are mentally ready and also their entrepreneurial abilities.

The benefits of selling #GerobakOnjel and #PawonOnjel products are used to fully provide a second chance for post-adolescent teenagers. Let’s enjoy the warmth of a glass of coffee or ginger syrup, while giving warm hugs and smiles to our children.

For order information please call Dian (+628562810170)

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